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Our Story

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Nick and Anthony (AP) met at Merrill Lynch in 2005 while they were working for one of the legendary veterans in the business, David Mullen, Jr.  Mr. Mullen inspired them to build a financial firm that always puts clients first. 

Nick and AP didn't just create a business together.  They also formed a friendship that has prospered for over 17 years.

Nick is Godfather of one of AP's 3 daughters, and AP served as best man in Nicks wedding in 2014.  Their partnership has become the foundation for one of the truly remarkable success stories in the financial industry.

In late 2008, Nick and AP made the decision to transition their practice to Smith Barney.  Eventually purchased by Morgan Stanley, this is where Nick and AP worked together for nine years, steadily gaining experience, honing their skills and cultivating a loyal clientele.  It was in 2017 that they made the decision to launch their own independent financial advisory practice - The Hamilton Group. 


From 2017 to 2023, The Hamilton Group was affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services. However, in 2023 Nick and AP decided to move their practice to the Fidelity platform to join Concurrent Investment Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  Nick and AP now have one of the leading boutique Multi Family Offices, and wealth management firms in the Rocky Mountain region.


With a combined 45 years of shared industry experience between them, Nick and AP's professional network, diverse perspectives, and investment expertise, allow them to add value to some of the most sophisticated and discerning families around the United States.


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